Primary Care
Our clients can expect respectful and caring care that meets their health needs. Primary Care needs includes taking care of long term diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Patients are guaranteed to receive prescriptions for generic medication that is affordable, or help for those that qualify for Patient Assistant Programs through pharmaceutical companies to qualify for expensive medications for up to one year (based on income qualification)

Lab/Diagnostic Services
Clients with no insurance and those with high deductibles will be able to receive lab services at a heavily reduced cost through the University of Illinois at Chicago. Cost will be the actual cost to run the lab.
Diagnostic services will be offered at cost to clients with no insurance and those with high deductibles through use of the in house portable x-ray, ultrasound, and ECG machines.

Mental Health Services
Bilingual mental services can be offered in English and Spanish to accommodate for the needed services currently not readily available in their language. Services will be offered at discounted rates and include one on one sessions as requested by clients as well as family services.