Executive and Organizational Summary

If you have no insurance or have a high insurance deductible and can’t get in to see a physician due to the high cost, HMC may be the place for you. The ER and Immediate Care facilities are a great alternative to get the help at the lowest cost possible (with financial assistance), but often are taking up space needed for real emergencies and might not have enough to cover the visit cost. What if we were to tell you there is an alternative? Hippocrates Medical Clinic is a 501 (c) (3) organization that is there for you when you need it most. Our facility provides an easy alternative to high medical and mental health cost. With our volunteer nurse practitioners, doctors, nurses, bilingual counselors, and office staff we are here to provide those in need with free services based on income.

What Makes Hippocrates Medical Clinic Unique?Although the hospital model of care practiced in most medical and mental health facilities provides good results for Medicaid and other insurance billing purposes—that is, easily quantifiable lists of procedures and medicines administered, test results, and billable nursing hours—it does not provide good quality of life for patients who have high deductibles or no insurance due to income limitations. At Hippocrates Medical Clinic (HMC), we see a different way of assisting our community in need. Acknowledging that financial circumstances can hinder your way of life and access to medical care, Hippocrates Medical Clinic has provided an environment where those in need can get the attention the need at no cost or affordable cost. Far more devastating than physical illness to our clients is the inability to get the help they need in a language available to them. HMC has volunteer medical staff, interpreters, and counselors to assist both in English and Spanish. We understand that often being unable to properly communicate in a language you feel more comfortable to use hinders the hardest part of receiving the help you need.